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What Is A Shalom Zachor After A Baby Boy Is Born?

Jew with an Eastern European origin also known as Ashkenazi Jews, have a certain custom after the birth of a baby boy. The first Friday after a Jewish baby boy is born, his family hold a

celebration for him called ‘A Shalom Zachor’, this is a different and desperate event from the Bris.

The actual translation for Shalom Zachor, is ‘welcoming the son.’ and the celebration is an extremely happy one. Family members and friends of the couple, will come to the baby’s house after the Friday night Shabbos meal. There are two reasons behind this joyous celebration. The first and most important reason, is to thank god for bringing a new baby boy into the family. It’s also a way of saying thank you to god for everything during labor running smoothly, that the baby survived and the mother survived.


The second reason for the ‘Shalom Zachor’ is a little bit more detailed and rooted in the beliefs that the Torah teaches. Jewish people believe that before the baby is born, while still in the uterus of the mother the baby is learning valuable things about Jewish law. The baby is learning everything there is to know about the contents of the Torah, and what everything means. Shortly before the baby is born, an angel is waiting for the baby and gives him a little tap underneath his nose. That specific indentation underneath the nose is called the Philtrum. Once the angels swats that part of the face the baby forgets everything that he learned about the Torah during the nine-month period before he is born. Some view that as a very sad occurrence, that the baby spent nine months learning Torah

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